Audits and certifications right on schedule

Conduct external and internal audits effectively with Quentic

Internally and externally

Involve everyone based on their tasks. All participants can be quickly informed via email.

Use templates

Question catalogs and evaluation scales make it easy to prepare for the audit, and to carry out the follow-up.

Generate an audit report

Your audit report is generated with just a few clicks – well laid out and transparent.

Good for your CIP

The continuous improvement of your management system is ensured.

Whether you are certifying your management system according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 or ISO 45001, the certifying company expects a comprehensive report on the audit. They also need to see the determined actions and the future planning of audits.

Quentic Risks & Audits provides you with numerous functions for carrying out the entire audit process. With the practical online software, you can centrally save all audits, including the reports. Which audit needs to be conducted when and for which area? The audit schedule gives you an overview of all upcoming audits.

Simply select the questions from the existing question catalog that are relevant for your audit or make additions to them as necessary. Participants, both internal and external auditors, are quickly selected and invited by email.

Which environmental aspects are relevant for your organization? What are the safety risks? You can define, assess, and evaluate them within your personal evaluation matrix.

Use various evaluation scales for your audit report. This standardized process ensures a consistent format. Initiate corrective actions directly from within the system. In a few clicks the report is done.

“If you know one module, you know all of them. Quentic is intuitively designed and that makes it easy to use. Once you know the structure of one module, you can easily navigate all others.”

Expert knowledge for your success

Here you'll find best practices, relevant trends and up-to-date tips.

Whitepaper ISO 45001

More legal safety, increased employee motivation and greater productions levels: ISO 45001 certifications brings a lot of benefits. This whitepaper includes all you need to know about timelines, requirements and …

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Quentic Risks & Audits

Ensure flexibility, reliability and efficiency when reviewing your company processes. In this video, you'll discover how Quentic can support you through all phases of internal and external audits.

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ISP Marl

The medium-sized chemical company ISP Marl GmbH is using Quentic to set itself up for future success, with a focus on better and more efficient document management and portect people and the planet.

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