Quentic 11.2 enhances compliance features

April 09, 2019

One of the new features: Visitor badges in credit card format

Version 11.2 of the Quentic EHS and CSR software provides users with extended functions for the international legal database Enhesa and enhances the efficiency of their regulation management.


Quentic users can now make even more extensive use of the automatic monitoring of legal texts. Release 11.2 extends the built-in interface to the international online database Enhesa. In addition to legal norms, updates on legal obligations can now also be automatically received and adapted in the legal register—potentially supporting more than 240 countries and regions. Thus, complex EHS regulations are always up-to-date and the resulting responsibilities are conveniently determined.


Two further innovations in the Legal Compliance software module help with the complete overview of existing permit requirements: Quentic users are able to view all official requirements from a central point and access further information, including links. The content and visual improvement of the requirement statistics makes it easier to identify the current need for action and to simply evaluate the status of the corresponding inspections and measures.


Another new feature concerns the identification of visitors and external companies: Visitor badges that can be generated easily in Quentic can now also be printed out in practical credit card format. These can, for example, be attached to clothing as labels without leaving any residue.