Quentic supports Berlin volleyball team

April 15, 2019

Quentic equips Volleyball team with new jerseys

The men's volleyball team of SG Rotation Prenzlauer Berg with their new jerseys

As a provider of an online solution for occupational health and safety, active health promotion and preventative measures are deeply rooted in Quentic’s corporate philosophy. Employees are encouraged to take part in sports activities through various incentives, such as the membership in a fitness club and the participation in running events. Now, the company is also supporting a regional sports club at its headquarter in Berlin, in which Quentic employees also do good for their health. Quentic equips the men's volleyball team of the sports club SG Rotation Prenzlauer Berg with new jerseys.

“It is extremely important for us to get involved locally in Berlin and to contribute to health promotion beyond our corporate business. Supporting a sports club was both a logical step and a matter close to our hearts. We are pleased that we can strengthen the team spirit of the volleyball players with a set of new home and away jerseys. Of course, we are also proud that the volleyball team now wears the Quentic logo on their chests and keep our fingers crossed for the upcoming games,” says Quentic CEO Markus Becker.

About the sports club SG Rotation Prenzlauer Berg:
The sports club Rotation Prenzlauer Berg will celebrate its 70th anniversary next year. In competitive sports, the athletes of the traditional club have won several championship titles and cups and also succeeded in international tournaments. The volleyball department has been existing since 1972 and currently has about 280 members. With children and teenagers making up more than 50 percent of its members, the club has always been committed to the promotion of young talent and health. The members face new challenges together and with a lot of energy and are supported by numerous volunteer trainers, coaches, and parents. We are pleased to now also belong to the supporters of the club.