EcoWebDesk 9.0 released in new design

July 19, 2016

HSE software’s user interface comes with a new look

In the latest release EcoWebDesk 9.0, the software for health, safety and environmental (HSE) management as well as sustainability comes with a new design including a new product logo. Among the most important visual changes are spacious work areas, a functional color scheme and reduced dashboard complexity. These innovations improve readability and steer the user‘s focus towards the most relevant elements of the user interface. Technical updates mainly cover software expansions regarding the evaluation of sustainability indicators and improved availability of the mobile application for numerous mobile devices and smartphones.

EcoIntense has changed its name to Quentic in October 2018. As part of this change, the software EcoWebDesk has also been renamed Quentic.

Download Press release: July 19, 2016 (PDF, 434 KB)