HSE software EcoWebDesk with a record number of orders received

February 26, 2015

EcoIntense draws a positive balance for the past year

The Berlin based software specialist EcoIntense grew substantially in the previous business year by gaining numerous new customers and receiving a record number of orders. „EcoIntense has been growing steadfastly at a rate of sixty percent for the past five years,“ says CEO Markus Becker. The company that was founded in 2007 employs today more than 50 people at its headquarters in Berlin and in the further offices in Bavaria, Lower Saxony and Houston (Texas).

This highly positive balance is due to private utility companies and especially to medium-sized and large companies in the electronics, chemical, steel and mechanical engineering industries. The most common reasons for implementing the health, safety and environmental management software are the practice-oriented and integrative approach, that makes linking across software modules possible, and the clearly structured central document management system. In addition, the global DEKRA group annually confirms the software’s suitability to enable users to implement, maintain and improve energy and environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 50001 and 14001 as well as occupational health and safety management systems in accordance with OHSAS 18001.

The customers using the software for more than one year especially value the customized and highly qualified customer support. This was verified by the annual user survey which was held in November 2014. According to the survey, the customers also value the high level of usability and the helpful cross linking of all necessary features in the areas of health & Ssafety, hazardous materials management, legal compliance and eco controlling.

EcoIntense has changed its name to Quentic in October 2018. As part of this change, the software EcoWebDesk has also been renamed Quentic.

 Download press release: February 26, 2015 (PDF, 363 KB)