New partnership with ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten in Denmark

March 26, 2020

  • Chris Loos, Head of International Partner Management at Quentic GmbH
  • Henrik Gliese, CEO at ARBEJDSMILJOEksperten A/S

ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten and Quentic join forces to offer a 360° EHS solution

ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten, authorized advisor on all things health, safety and environment, and Quentic, a premier software as a service provider for Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), have announced a strategic partnership.

With five regional offices spread out across Denmark, ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten provide a significant number of Denmark’s leading companies with tailor-made consulting solutions characterized by experience, expertise, innovation, teamwork, and consistent, intelligent working methods. Partnering with Quentic will enable ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten to offer a superior range of services to both new and existing customers. Henrik Gliese, CEO of ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten, says in anticipation:

“I am both honored and proud that Quentic has chosen  ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten as a Certified Partner in Denmark - I am sure the companionship is good for our customers, ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten and Quentic”

Quentic is one of the leading platforms for EHS and CSR software in Europe. The platform and app help companies from a diverse array of industries to structure and streamline their entire EHS management across various sites and around the world. The company first entered the Danish market in the second quarter of 2018.

A partnership with ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten will allow existing and future Quentic customers in Denmark to access a huge amount of specialized and relevant knowledge, while also benefitting from SDS updates and ISO certification consulting. Chris Loos, Head of International Partner Management at Quentic, says:

“Together with ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten, we are able to deliver a one-stop shop solution for the customer that is specifically focused on the local law and needs”

Both parties see this partnership as a big leap forward for Danish clients. The two companies are banding together to offer a comprehensive EHS solution that combines up-to-date regional knowledge with state-of-the-art software.

Are you eager to hear more about what ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten and Quentic are doing? To learn more, contact us using the information below:

Chris Loos, Head of International Partner Management at Quentic GmbH

Phone: +31 615 35 75 80

Henrik Gliese, CEO at ARBEJDSMILJOEksperten A/S

Phone: +45 26 81 70 60