Quentic 12.3: All set for legal compliance audits

June 26, 2020

Version 12.3 of the Quentic Platform is now available, offering many new features. A special focus was placed on strengthening the system’s legal compliance offering: Thanks to a new content interface, ready-to-use legal content can now be transferred to Quentic and seamlessly integrated into legal audits, allowing for structured evaluations. The Quentic App has also been given a major update to entice users with better design and usability. Quentic Analytics delivers extended real-time EHS dashboards for both platform and app.

RegScan interface for legal content

The new RegScaninterface expands the current possibilities for integrating regular and automatic legal content updates in the Quentic Platform. This addition will massively improve the ability to maintain an international register of legal norms and obligations. RegScan offers content on EHS regulations from over 230 jurisdictions across the globe, each recorded in both the applicable source language and the English translation. With over 30 years of experience in the field and a global network of legal experts, RegScan is a well-established Quentic partner.

Legal compliance: Audits made easy

Those working in EHS need to keep track of numerous legal regulations and continual changes to these. They must also ensure that the resulting legal obligations are reviewed and duly implemented in their company, in order to achieve compliance. Legal compliance audits are an important component in this process, and version 12.3 of the Quentic Platform specifically enables these audits. The clearly defined audit process guarantees reliable status reports on the company's current level compliance, allowing actions to be derived directly thereafter.

New design for the Quentic App

The Quentic App, which lets users quickly tackle EHS tasks on the go, offers a special highlight with its version 3.0 update: Based on the results of a comprehensive analysis of user convenience, the structure and navigation have been significantly improved. The new design concept provides an easier overview and lays out the optimal groundwork for introducing new features in the future. The individually customizable homepage provides quick access to forms, documents and notifications with which the user often interacts.

Tracking EHS performance with Quentic Analytics

Quentic Analytics is the solution for identifying current developments and trends from EHS indicators of the company. It utilizes the Quentic system’s database to provide targeted data for analysis, with quick and easy access for managers at all levels. The defaults KPIs, evaluations and charts have been further optimized and new areas of the application have been expanded. Comprehensive Analytics dashboards for the Quentic Platform and App are now available, offering a more detailed look at different key topical areas, such as incidents, instructions and sustainability indicators.