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Report: Keeping perspective in a crisis

Best practices for strong and sustainable EHS management

How lessons from the Coronavirus pandemic can sustainably influence your EHS management post-crisis

Along with new challenges, crises like the Coronavirus can unceremoniously lay pre-existing weak points bare, but they also offer all kinds of chances to improve EHS management. Instead of freezing up, managers and EHS experts especially need to act quickly and carefully. In such unusual times, we need to think about tomorrow today, to weigh possible risks and effects for the future carefully and let data and facts form the basis of our decisions. This is how you can profit in the long term from the experiences of others, the difficulties they faced and the solutions they found.  

In our free EHS management report, you will learn how to keep perspective in a crisis. Experts share how they kept a cool head and used new digital solutions to master the challenges of the Corona crisis. You can also discover how companies were able to put knowledge gained in crisis to use in their long-term EHS management.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How the Deutschen Werkstätten successfully navigated the Corona crises using reliable EHS processes

  • How the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG trained over 7,000 employees in infection prevention in record time

  • How industrial technology company Miba successfully introduced safety inspections across borders and improved its compliance

  • Which practical recommendations the EO Institute has for dealing with mental strain and encouraging resilience among employees

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