EcoWebDesk 7.0 – Analyze big data with a click of a button

July 29, 2014

Visualize all key indicators with the latest release of the off-the-shelf software solution for occupational health, safety and environmental (HSE) management

The off-the-shelf software solution EcoWebDesk in the latest version 7.0 now offers multidimensional analysis of HSE data. The complete make-over of the calculation engine allows for a transparent and efficient visualization of all indicators. In the Audit Management module, for instance, large data can now be summarized in pivot tables and the graphical representation is now clearer and more detailed at the same time. Even the most inexperienced user is now able to quickly generate data analyses. This new concept will be available in other modules in the next release planned later this year.

Additionally, quick access to all data records in EcoWebDesk 7.0 has been improved. For example, actions that the user is involved in are displayed within seconds thanks to individual and standardized filters. Manipulating multiple data records at the same time will save time in the Hazardous Materials module.

All the new functions in EcoWebDesk 7.0 guarantee a more convenient and efficient execution of your HSE tasks. The latest release of the software will be showcased from August 25 to August 28 at the international safety and health trade fair Arbeitsschutz Aktuell in hall 3.1, booth 31C23, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

EcoIntense has changed its name to Quentic in October 2018. As part of this change, the software EcoWebDesk has also been renamed Quentic.

 Download press release: July 29, 2014 (PDF, 365 KB)