Quentic to support public administrations during the COVID-19 pandemic

April 01, 2020

  • Markus Becker, CEO of Quentic
  • Dr. Mario Lenz, CPO of Quentic

Quentic, a Berlin-based provider of software solutions and services for the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) market, publicly announced its intention to support cities, municipalities and public administrations by offering a free version of its leading health and safety software for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. The support package includes the module for online-instructions and comes with a content kit for ready-to-use instructions tailored to infection prevention and home office work. Using the software, public institutions use the software to conduct necessary instructions on health and safety issues online. With this, Quentic wants to contribute to enabling public institutions to fulfill their duties in a responsible manner despite the current situation. The support package is already available in Germany. A European roll-out is planned in due course.

Quentic, the Berlin-based provider of Software as a Service (SaaS), is set to offer its occupational health and safety software to local authorities, public administrative bodies and other such institutions free of charge. Due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus, public employers are faced with the challenge of providing the necessary instructions required by safety laws and regulations without endangering workers. At the moment, health authorities, food retailers and drugstores as well as medical care providers in particular need many helpers nationwide. In Germany, such employees are required by law to provide a certificate issued by the local health authority showing that they have been given training in infection prevention.  Authorities can use the free software modules Health & Safety and Online Instructions to conduct these trainings online and provide the important safety certificate outside the close quarters of a classroom setting. Furthermore, they can use the tools Quentic provides to train and instruct their own staff easily.

Safety at work and in the home office

In addition to the two free software modules, the package comes with a set of ready-to-use instructions on infection prevention as well as on working from home. This enables municipal employers to plan, carry out and document instructions that could help stem the corona pandemic on short notice. "By opening up our Quentic platform, we are reacting to the increasing spread of the viral disease and would like to make a social contribution. Local authorities and cities shall be able to continue to perform their tasks responsibly. With our software, the public health department and other municipal employers can conduct safety- and health related instructions easily online. They are enabled to keep up their work, even when working from home. In addition, crucial industries like food and retail are supported, as new employees can now very quickly get the required documentation by the public health offices to start their work", states Markus Becker, CEO of Quentic. As the software is web-based and GDPR-compliant, it is immediately ready to use.

Kick-off in Germany with a European roll-out to be expected quickly

The free Quentic package is already available for German cities and municipalities. The city of Muenster in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, was the first to receive the free version of Quentic and started offering online training on March 31st, 2020. Other German speaking countries e.g. Austria or Switzerland can register for the service as well. Quentic plans to extend the offer to further European countries shortly. “We asked ourselves how we could support those who do so much for the citizens and entrepreneurs across Europe in this exceptional situation. That's why we decided to create an offer for the authorities of municipal and state administrations”, explained Dr. Mario Lenz, Chief Product Officer at Quentic. He also revealed: "In the first step, we have compiled the contents in such a way that they meet the requirements and standards in Germany. Now we are working flat out on for a standardized version for other European countries."

Ready for use in two steps

Interested public authorities throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland can register at www.quentic.de/COVID-19. After a short briefing, the free Quentic platform will be activated along with the prepared content package. For interested municipalities, cities and governmental authorities across Europe, pre-registration is now open at www.quentic.com/COVID-19.

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Markus Becker, CEO of Quentic

Dr. Mario Lenz, CPO of Quentic

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