Ready to support on-site COVID-19 vaccinations with Quentic

May 06, 2021

The European vaccination campaign is gaining momentum. In Austria, for example, vaccine dose availability is expected to increase and vaccine priority of grouping is being eliminated, plus occupational health physicians will play a larger role. Some companies have already started preparing for this scenario: As soon as the final approval for on-site vaccinations occurs and reliable vaccine delivery is secured, many want to start their own corporate vaccination programs. Quentic user Miba is one such company actively preparing for such at its Austrian site, where they are already recording which employees are interested in the vaccination. 

“With Quentic’s EHS software, we are able to clearly and flexibly record the willingness for voluntary employee vaccinations,” explains Franz Almhofer-Amering, Corporate EHS & Facility Manager at the Austrian industrial and technological company. 

“By using Quentic, we can support the strict data protection requirements under which highly sensitive individual medical details such as willingness to be vaccinated falls. The Quentic Platform helps us ensure that only personnel groups with the appropriate authorization can access this employee data. Once we have finished our vaccination campaign, we will easily be able to delete this data,” says Almhofer-Amering, describing the company’s process. 
Are you interested in preparing a COVID-19 vaccination campaign with Quentic? We would be glad to advise you on how we can support you in handling all your EHS processes both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic!

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Miba also uses the Quentic Platform to conduct COVID-19 safety inspections across all site units. Read the whole article here.