Quentic 13.1: Custom-fit risk evaluations and permits to work

May 28, 2021

Working at heights is full of risk. Quentic 13.1 is here to help manage this risk. A permit to work ensures correct completion of hazardous tasks.

Quentic is used as an integrated software solution at over 800 companies in a wide variety of industries worldwide. It’s therefore a given that Quentic offers opportunities for individualized customization that account for use cases specific to a country, industry or company alongside standardized workflows and best practices from the EHS and CSR fields. The current Quentic 13.1 Release gives users even more flexibility with regard to risk evaluations, safety data sheets and permits to work.

Risk evaluations: Done how you need them

Hazardous chemical risk assessments can now be conducted based on customly defined evaluation criteria in Quentic. This method supplements the EMKG (Easy-to-use Workplace Control Scheme for Hazardous Substances) German Best Practice by the BAuA, the German federal institute for occupational safety. This change gives companies active on a global scale new and flexible possibilities to account for local circumstances. Appropriate safeguards will be automatically suggested based on the risks determined.

More service for the chemical-savvy

The Quentic Hazardous Chemicals software module is supplemented by the Quentic Content Service for safety data sheet (SDS) management. This service has now been expanded to include researching current SDS details, transferring data to Quentic, and creating and updating data records on an international level and for large collections of SDSs. The result: Centralized, up-to-date SDS data delivered in a clearly structured, well categorized and targeted manner.

Not just paperwork: Permits to work with Quentic

Quentic Control of Work organizes permits to work (PTW) digitally and centrally to document hazardous and non-routine works, define necessary safeguards and LOTO measures, and issue work order approvals. The current set of common PTW templates has been expanded and now includes the option to create custom templates. Defined requirements for each phase of work can be easily transferred into newly created PTWs. This ensures uniform, easy-to-use standards for company-specific use cases.

The Quentic App: User experience at its finest

The Quentic App is your fast EHS channel for on the go. Improved design and new functionalities for app forms ensure a better overview and an even more effective and user-friendly experience. New app users benefit from entries that are understandable and intuitive. Other brand-new features include smart photo management and Dark Mode. The latter provides a less light-intensive app display useful for preventing glare and eyestrain in light-poor working environments.