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Webinar "Safety Management Trends 2022"

Hear about the key trends in occupational health and safety

Today Covid-19 has been part of our lives for over two years, and last year we could already recognize the increased interest in occupational health and safety topics. But is the interest still as high as it was a year ago? Are organizations and especially their management still committed to OHS processes? And how has the increased workload of OHS professionals impacted their well-being from a psychosocial perspective?

Learn the answers to these questions and more in our free webinar on this year's Safety Management Trend Report. In an exclusive online panel, experts David Cant, Davide Scotti and Dr. Stefanie Schöler discuss key trends in modern occupational safety and health, with Quentic's Timo Kronlöf moderating.

The following topics are discussed in detail:

  • Safety leadership:

    Does the peak interest in OHS continue as we are 2 years down the pandemic and how does the increased management commitment show?

  • Psychosocial risks:

    How has the increased work-load during Covid-19 affected EHS practitioners well-being? 

  • Technological trends:

    Has the pace of digitalization increased?

  • ESG:

    What should be done in order to keep OHS a key part of ESG?


Dr. Stefanie Schöler
Independent consultant
David Cant
Business adviser, safety management consultant and safety Coach for Construction SME's
Davide Scotti
Davide Scotti
Author, speaker and expert in cultural change, head of HSE Culture, communication and training at Saipem
Timo Kronlöf
Senior Product Manager, Quentic GmbH

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