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The right tools can make all the difference when striving for excellent EHS culture. Managing incidents and observations with Quentic gets the whole company engaged in EHS. Find out what impact EHS software can have on your incident management.

Use Quentic to improve your EHS and CSR management and create long-term added value grounded in expertise for your company.

  • Save time by minimizing manual data entry

  • Bundle work areas and optimize collaboration

  • Get a complete overview and generate reports in next to no time

  • Officially tested: Quentic is certified as suitable for management systems that follow ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001

  • With comprehensive content services and support from experienced consultants

  • Ready to use directly in browser or via app

“Implementing Quentic is of utmost strategic and operational importance to us. The system makes it easier for everyone to do their job. Moreover, it helps us immensely in keeping our processes transparent and in compliance with governmental regulations.”

Dr. Axel Göhrt, Manager Production and Technology, INEOS Köln