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Icône module Quentic Core

Control actions and documents centrally

The Quentic Core is the foundation not only for your environmental protection and safety policies, but also for all additional Quentic modules. You can visualize company structures, involve employees and create corporate data that is consistent and available from anywhere in the company. Quentic is based on common HSE standards—officially approved.

Topics include

  • User and rights management

  • Physical representation of the corporate structure

  • Representation of organizational units

  • Central document management system

  • Measures management

Other topics that may interest you

Environment & Sustainability

Dussmann Group

Calculating and recording the carbon footprints of all company divisions in 21 countries was a real challenge for the Dussmann Group’s non-financial reporting. The Quentic software solution made it possible.

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Hazardous Chemicals

DMK Group

Maintaining an overview of 3,000 chemicals? Managing a hazardous chemicals register for 19 locations in one central system? Reacting swiftly to new ECHA regulations as well? This is how DMK does it!

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