Monitor your use of resources

With the Quentic Environmental Management software module

With Quentic, monitoring resources has never been easier.

Run the numbers

  • See what resources are being used and by whom
  • Track your usage of electricity, gas, and water
  • Classify your figures as primary, downstream etc.
  • Record tariffs for electricity, gas, and water, including details on emissions
  • Track meter readings in a structured way
  • Compare current and previous readings and examine any discrepancies
  • Calculate costs automatically, based on your saved tariffs

Check costs and quantities

Manage specific resources

  • Create an index of inputs e.g. fuel, pressurized air, or raw materials
  • Measure costs and consumption from a specific time period
  • Record your produced goods as outputs, then track quantities and production costs
  • Get a clear picture of your company’s emissions
  • See your most important figures at a glance in the quick overview, which users can customize
  • Create diagrams and tables of resource consumption, either company-wide or by department
  • Use these insights as the basis for optimization and cost saving efforts

Run evaluations

Track resource consumption effortlessly

Are you already tracking your consumption data in a spreadsheet? You can easily import this to Quentic in just a few clicks, integrating large volumes of data into your new monitoring system.

Tailor-made evaluations

Learn more about the comprehensive evaluation tools in the Quentic Environmental Management software module.

An overview of the most important functions

Features of the Quentic Environmental Management

Environmental reporting

The Environmental Management module gives you an overview of key environmental metrics, such as waste, emissions, energy, and water. Powerful analysis tools let you examine this data from many perspectives. Document your findings with precision and publish them in your next environmental report.

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Waste management

As a producer of waste, your company has certain obligations. Quentic helps you comply with environmental regulations by providing a structured register for tracking costs, revenues, and recycling tariffs.

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Environmental indicators

To assess your environmental performance, you have to measure the relevant indicators. Environmental Management is a dedicated module for collecting complex environmental data based on your own specifications. The module lets you combine various data streams into a single, intuitive system.

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Alfred Kärcher

How does Alfred Kärcher use Quentic to record and evaluate waste, consumption data, environmental factors and indicators of all types? Read this ISO 14001-certified company's success story.

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“In the past three years we have used the software to record more than 2,000 waste processes – today we can conveniently evaluate this data and, just by the push of a button, visualize it in clearly structured tables and charts. These extensive evaluation possibilities are a major advantage of Quentic.”