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Better legal protection, reduced liability

Quentic Legal Compliance makes it easier to pick out your specific legal obligations to act from the extensive set of regulations that exist around occupational safety and environmental preservation. Fulfill your duties of care as stipulated, reduce your risk of liability to the minimum and prove that you have acted in accordance with the law in all areas of your company. 

Topics include

  • Management of relevant legal standards

  • Management of approval processes

  • Secure documentation of legally relevant processes

  • Automatically generated e-mails for changes to standards

  • Regular intervals for periodic inspections

Other topics that may interest you

Occupational Safety, Compliance, Digitalization

Miba AG

Quentic allows each of Mibas’s employees to contribute to reaching its key health and safety targets. Increasing incident reports, reducing the accident rate and standardized EHS processes. Read more!

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How can legal requirements be fulfilled despite large volumes of data? In this video, you'll discover how Nobilia centralizes, links and maintains its occupational, environmental and fire safety data in Quentic, solving …

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