Environment & Sustainability

Webinar: Carbon Footprint

Context, calculation methods, further benefits

November 10, 2022, 10:00 - 11:00 am CET

The key environmental indicator for climate protection

Corporate responsibility is a critical issue that currently draws global attention and is simultaneously part of an exciting transformation process in the context of EU taxonomy, ESG, and the EU CSR Directive.

While new reporting methodologies, standards, and criteria are partly in the making, you may be asking yourself if there is one stable parameter that your company can rely on right now. Yes, there is! The key environmental indicator for climate protection has long been established: the Corporate Carbon Footprint.

Find out in our free webinar what methods you can use to calculate your company's Carbon Footprint, which strategic decisions you need to make, and how or when you can convincingly report your Scope 3 emissions as well.

In the webinar you can expect:

  • Context and basic knowledge:

    Refresh your knowledge and expand your horizons around the Corporate Carbon Footprint and its importance in corporate strategy.

  • Calculation methods:

    Understand the methods for calculating the Corporate Carbon Footprint in Scope 1, 2, and 3 according to the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064.

  • Focus on Scope 3:

    From estimates and projections to concrete data: How to record or map the emissions of the complete value chain.

  • A practical example of climate protection management:

    We look at the methods and results of a leading international technology and service company.

  • Further benefits of CO₂ data:

    What's next? These are further benefits of the Carbon Footprint data and this is how you define levers of reducing your emissions like purchasing decisions or product design.

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Our experts

Sandra Gottschall
Sandra Gottschall
Project Management Climate Neutrality & Carbon Footprint, ConPlusUltra
Andrew Coe
Andrew Coe
International Business Development Manager, Quentic GmbH

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