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How to establish a comprehensible and modern legal register

Whitepaper with facts, checklists and expert tips for a practiced compliance culture

A functioning legal register that meets the demands of daily use is a basic requirement for ensuring legal compliance. A well-maintained legal register, occasionally known as a legal cadastre, is where an organization documents all legal norms, laws, and regulations relevant to its operations in a clear way.

In this whitepaper, you will get a comprehensive guide to creating a legal register. Practical checklists are provided, with which you can find, interpret and implement applicable legal obligations and other binding obligations with the help of a streamlined legal register.

Because a practiced compliance culture only functions when a legal register is understandable and easy for all involved parties to use, this whitepaper goes above and beyond traditional methods to describe the possibilities of condensing (simplifying) legal obligations. It shows you the limits of Excel tables and clarifies the differences between standalone solutions and integrated HSEQ software, especially as it pertains to responsibility and liability concerns.

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What you can expect from the whitepaper "How to establish a comprehensible and modern legal register"

  • Compliance audit

    As you prepare to create your legal register of applicable obligations, the whitepaper discusses how to implement a compliance audit, including question catalogs, and preparation checklists.

  • Legal register template

    Get clear guidance on how to best structure your data records, maintain and update your legal register, and benefit from helpful tips on how to digitalize these processes.

  • Expert tips for compliance culture

    Discover how and why you should conduct manager training, garner commitment from top management and ensure regular updates are performed for your legal register.

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